academic texts:

Roshini writes about her media artworks and that of others as published works for the academic press.

Her analysis of screen media, contemporary visual art and culture in relation to racism, decolonialism, injustice and inequality, provides critical approaches to methods of research and creativity.


Kempadoo, R. (2010). Interpolating screen bytes: Critical commentary in multimedia artworks. Journal of Media Practice, 11(1), 59 - 80.
See: Journal of Media Practice/Intellect Books

Ref: JMP2010

Journal article: Kempadoo, R. (2008) ‘Amendments: A fictional re-imagining of the Trinidad archive.’ Journal of Media Practice, 9:2, pp. 87 – 99. 


Book chapter: Kempadoo R. (2007) ‘Digital media practice as critique: Roshini Kempadoo's installations Ghosting and endless prospects (2004).’ IN ARANA, V. (Ed.) “Black” British Aesthetics Today. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, Cambridge Scholars Publishing. ISBN: 1-84718-116-3, pp. 283-296.

Book chapter: Kempadoo, R. (2007) Back Routes: Historical articulation in Multimedia Production. IN GROSSMAN, A. and O’BRIEN, A. (Eds.) Projecting Migration: Transcultural Documentary Practice. London, Wallflower Press. ISBN: 190567404x for pb, 1905674058 for hb, pp. 199 - 215.


Journal Article: Kempadoo, R., (2005) ‘Tracing the Image: Artist's notes on reinterpreting Trinidad landscapes, endless prospects’. exposure: The Society for Photographic Education, 38:2, pp. 22 - 30.